Forward induction reasoning and epistemic perspectives thereon

Ponente: Aleks Knoks (University of Maryland)

Fecha: 4 de augusto, 12hrs
Lugar: Sala de Investigadores Fernando Salmerón, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM

Resumen: The unifying aim of the epistemic program in game theory is to make explicit the assumptions that underlie the basic concepts of the discipline. One may thus hope that it can shed light on the notoriously vexed notion of forward induction. In my talk I will analyze three approaches at explicating forward induction reasoning in epistemic terms - they are due to (i) Biccieri, (ii) Battigalli and Siniscalchi, and (iii) Stalnaker - and argue that none of them is entirely satisfactory. I will then present a framework that synthesizes these three approaches and discuss the conclusions it suggests - with respect to forward induction, as well as the epistemic program in general.


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